ljseek (ljseek) wrote,

LjSEEK.COM: Development News Update

During last week we worked hard to add few nice features to our service.
- Other 20.000 communities are now being indexed. We're still adding
few thousands per day. Once link to community is found in indexed
journal it is set for indexing, so you should not do anything special
to add your community to the index.

- We've added "relaxed search mode", which will find posts even if they
do not contain all keywords from search phrase. It will be automatically
offered to you if normal search matches no documents (example)

- We now catch spelling errors and offer you to search corrected phrase.
It is not as smart as Google's advices but still well catches most
typical spelling errors (example)

- Finally we've created personal search form, which you can place on
your website, add to memories or include in your user info page.
Here is sample form for [info]ljseek user.

Get your own code!


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