ljseek (ljseek) wrote,

LjSEEK.COM - New Name, New Look, New Features.

Major service update took place. We have changed service name, improved
look and feel and added a lot of new features. More improvements are on
a way. The feature we've asked the most - ability to limit search to
your own journal is now here - take a look advanced search page.
We've also created [info]ljseek - LiveJournal user, which will have news and
development progress announcements posted. Feel free to add it to your friends.

New Name

We've decided to change name from LjSearch.Net to LjSEEK.COM to avoid
confusion for our users - "ljsearch" is name used by some other

New Look

We've changed the look and feel so it looks better and feels better.
If you spot any problems or inconveniences with new design please

New Features

- Limiting your search to certain users - You can limit your search to
certain users. You can provide list of users you want to limit your
search, you can also limit search to friends of certain users, for
example your own friends.

- Exact Phrase match: Search will only match exact phrases. This is
especially useful if you use our RSS search feed to avoid too many posts
getting where.

- Different Result Sort modes - depending on your search goals you may
get most relevant, newest, or oldest articles first. Combined sorting
is used by default to provide both new and relevant matches first.

- New dynamic excerpts

Now instead of showing you first few lines of the post we'll show the
piece of text where matched keywords are located.


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