ljseek (ljseek) wrote,

LJSearch.Net is publicly available

Now we're searching some 26 million of posts by some 2 millions of LiveJournal users.
If you're not indexed yet let us know and we'll add your blog to the index. If you want to be removed, also just ask.
As you can see we're not advertisement free as LiveJournal but its inevitable - we do not have something like paid accounts
to earn money other way while full text searching is very resource intensive.

We're using MySQL Database and Sphinx Search ,
very fast Open Source Full Text search engine for MySQL. Without them it hardly would be possible.

If you have any thoughts about this service, any bug reports or wishes let us know. If you like this service please tell your friends
about it or link to us, more users will help to make it better.

Why one would want to search LiveJournal at all? Well this is very convenient way to find friends by checking what they write about,
you also may look up real user thoughts basically on any topic. Want to buy something? Try searching to find real user experiences,
rather than professional review. These are just couple of things we found it to be useful for. Bet you will find more.


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