ljseek (ljseek) wrote,

The month has passed since we write any news. We have not been lazy, on
the contrary we have been adding features so did not have
time to tell about them.

Main Changes:

  • Images from posts are shown in snippets  (example)
  • URLs are now indexed in posts
  • Search results are available in RSS format   (example)
  • Posts Linking to given journal are visible   (example)
  • See which posts are indexed   (example)
  • -Strict/Normal/Relaxed match modes
  • New Service http://www.ljpic.com

Images from posts are shown in snippets

So you can get better understanding what this post is about without
clicking on it. We retrieve and cache thumbnails on our servers so it
will not be eating up your image server traffic. We spot images which
are shown in the post as well as linked images.

URLs are now indexed in posts

Previously we were stripping all HTML tags from post before indexing it,
now we have left some tags, mainly containing urls as well as link and
image descriptions. This should greatly improve search results if you're
looking for some web sites. For example number of matches for "ljseek"
tripled by enabling this feature.

Search results are available in RSS format

That says it all, enjoy. We would however encourage you to refresh this
channel no more than few times a day (at this point indexes are updated
once per day anyway) to avoid overloading our servers. You may also
select ordering by time in RSS format so you see new matches in the
order they appeared in LiveJournal.

Posts Linking to given journal are visible

In one of previous updates we've added star rating - tiny stars under
user/community name, which reflects number of inbound links to this
journal. Now you can click on the star to browse them. The number of
links on the star may be different compared to one when you click on it,
as we only update star rating information once per week. This data is
also available in RSS format so you can easily track who is linking to
your journal.

See which posts are indexed

Now you can see which posts we have in our database for each journal,
this way you know what is indexed and what is not.

Strict/Normal/Relaxed match modes

By default matching is done in Normal mode. Strict mode is the same as
exact phrase checkbox - we just made it simple to switch to it, the
Relaxed mode does not require all keywords to be in the posts, but any
of them. Relevance ranking will however rank posts with largest number
of matches first.


This is a toy which we've added while debugging thumbnail generation and
caching. It is fun to play with - you can see last pictures posted to
LiveJournal, which are updated every few seconds. It also allows you to
take a look at random pictures if you find nothing interesting in new
ones. You may think it is same as many similar scripts available in the
Internet, however it is not. We do not link full pictures but
pre-generate thumbnails which means images load very fast from our
servers and consume very little traffic. Actually this service is even
usable with dialup connection.

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