ljseek (ljseek) wrote,

Development news update.

We're continuing working hard adding new features and improving old
ones. Last two weeks passed as productive and rewarding we got a lot of
feedback and questions from users so we could extend our FAQ section.
We're however hungry for more. Tell us what you like in our service,
what you do not and what would you like to see.

Exciting news came from LiveJournal.COM - LjSEEK.COM search service is
now used to provide users search withing their own journals. Go to user
profile (example <http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=ljseek>
and click on magnifying glass. This should make access to our service
much more convenient for LiveJournal users looking things withing their
own journal. If you would like to be able to have quick access to
global search function you can still use our personal search form

  • A lot improvements to navigation were implemented. Now we'll show
    below search form which filters are in place now and save settings from
    advanced search for improved search experience.

  • We've added "Journal Status Page" which allows you to check status
    of your journal and add or remove it from the index at your will.

  • Now we're indexing over 30.000 communities and the number is still
    growing. If yours is not in the list add it. Note communities
    frequently have a lot of traffic so the history might not go that far.
    However all new posts are added to the index which makes will results in
    great archive in a months

  • Cached posts previews are now available. These will show full post
    with highlighted found search terms.

  • Time Separators in search results. You may see "Last Week" or "Last
    Month" in search results - these are to visually show how old
    information are you looking at, when sorting is done by time or time and

  • "Star Signs" - Now you can see these under user picture for some users
    and communities. if you put your mouse over them you'll see number of
    incoming links we have to this user journal and from how many users are
    they. "Rating" is your place by number of incoming links. They may look
    low as place is shared by many users having the same number of incoming
    links. What is it for ? Just for fun and convenience. We're not using
    this data for search result sorting.

  • Added new bugs. Yes I bet so. New features can't come without bugs.
    Please do not leave them alone let us know so we'll take care of them.

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